About The Blue Buddha

The Blue Buddha was established in 2005 by Angela Amendola to offer integrative massage therapy. Integrative massage is a way of life and a way of perceiving reality unhindered by fluctuations of the mind. Angela rests her own body, emotions, and mind in a state of tranquility, and with all three aspects residing in harmony, free of distortion, she provides an environment where healing and relaxation is made possible.


The client's own body, emotions, and mind can rest as the disturbances of overstimulation that distract from the healing process are removed.  This results in a reduction of stress and energetic stagnation and allows for an experience of true balance.

Angela is licensed through the State of Connecticut, certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage (NCBTMB) and insured through Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Integrative Massage:

Integrative Massage is a unique approach to healing imbalances of the body, emotions, and mind.  An integrative massage therapist seeks, learns, trains, and integrates ancient mind quieting techniques, skills that are imperative for creating a healing environment.  An integrative massage therapist focuses on overall wellbeing along with health specific issues.


The Blue Buddha – The Inspiration Behind The Name:

The Blue Buddha, or Medicine Buddha, comes from an interest in Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism posits that the mind is the source of suffering, imbalance, and illness.  Angela was particularly moved by the Medicine or Blue Buddha’s expansive aspiration for all living beings. His aspiration included so much more than just physical healing from course illness.

“He wished living beings safety from all illness and harm, freedom from prejudice and the difficulties that arise from prejudice, racial prejudice, discrimination and oppression. Freedom from conflict and warfare, despotic and dictatorial rulers who oppress with fear, torture, physical punishment, imprisonment and deceit, freedom from restrictions of movement and speech, freedom from hunger and thirst, and freedom from all poverty and the consequences of poverty.”

This became the seed of Angela’s personal aspiration and inspiration to be of service to others. The name The Blue Buddha was simply Angela’s way of referencing The Medicine Buddha. The most prominent feature of the Medicine Buddha is his blue hue.  She thought people would remember his color if they didn’t know his name.