Integrative Massage – The Balancing of Body, Mind, and Emotions

Integrative massage therapy reduces physical, mental, and emotional stress, promotes healing, and releases stagnation in the body through the mindful application of both Western and Eastern massage techniques in a carefully prepared environment.

Pain and illness are physical signs that we are out of balance – physically, psychologically, and emotionally. However, the human form is remarkable in its ability to regenerate and heal when we quiet our body, mind, and emotions. An integrative massage therapy session will facilitate this natural authentic healing by allowing your body, mind, and emotions to rest while your therapist mindfully administers your massage. 

Why Integrative Massage?

Is integrative massage simply a luxury or is it a necessity? The options for spending our hard earned dollars are endless.  How do we decide how to spend our money especially when it comes to purchasing a service such as massage? Is it worth it and do we need it?  The answer is yes and it’s based in history.

The essence of massage is the balancing of our physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.  Revitalizing our body, emotions, and mind can assist in a happier and more harmonious relationship with the world. When we are happy and balanced we can see more options and make choices that support all aspects of our lives in the form of our health, families, careers, and the pursuit of our dreams!

Massage therapy has evolved throughout civilizations for 5000 years with ancient roots in the histories of India, Egypt, China, Japan, and Greece, just to name a few. Adopted by scientists and physicians throughout the ages, the principles and practices of massage have been a documented method of treatment to heal injuries, relieve pain, prevent and cure illnesses, reduce stress and produce deep relaxation. You need not be injured, ill, or stressed to reap its benefits though. By restoring physical and mental balance we reestablish harmony between our bodies and the environment and begin to heal naturally, promoting greater health and prevention. Our body is our vehicle for life, why not enjoy its full potential for happiness and well being? 


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