About Angela

I’m Angela, owner of The Blue Buddha, dog lover, food enthusiast, and wannabe gardener. Born and raised in Connecticut, I earned a BA from Central Connecticut State University.  I received my License in Massage Therapy from the State of Connecticut and completed a Massage for Migraines certification inspired by my own suffering of migraines. I have certification to perform pre-and post-natal massage. I love what I do but it wasn’t always that way.

We create and invent ourselves as small children.  Then as adults it’s sometimes necessary to reinvent ourselves which often leads us back to our first innovation when we were kids.  Long before I was aware of it, becoming a massage therapist was already something that resided inside of me.  I used to massage the necks and shoulders of my family when I was quite young.  Often you’d hear someone wonder out loud how a small child could have such strong hands?

After years in the corporate world, I found my way back to those early years of inspiration and inherent awareness through my interest in Tibetan Buddhism.  I meditated as a kid.  I didn’t know that’s what I was doing but I was.  Then as an adult I consciously fell in love with meditation, a powerful self-prescribed medicine. Through that process I discovered that I had deep empathy for people, especially people experiencing stress.  The ability to effect positive change through therapeutic manipulation of soft muscle tissue excites me. Yes, I’m a nerd! Over a decade later, I still get excited learning about the dynamic ecosystem of the human form.

I believe in addressing the body as a whole.  My approach is inspired by my years of meditative discipline which allows me to provide a deep level of sensitivity and awareness to the profession and assist individuals in achieving greater relaxation and healing.  This discovery came from rekindling the interests I had as a kid – massaging and meditating.  It was an organic and a fun return to something I love and the best part is I get to help people.